Åsa Elzén





Memory of an Event II

site-specific intervention, exposed and scrubbed remains of the Water Factory (Vattenfabriken) floor, 9,5 x 15 m, 2016

Memory of an Event II, consists of an intervention on the remains of the foundation and floor of the so called Water Factory (Vattenfabriken) (1910–?) in the partly untended and overgrown Bie Bath park (Bie Brunnspark). The overgrown remains of the red- and white floor tiles have been exposed by removing moss and grass and eventually carefully scrubbed, as a gesture to honor the women who at the beginning of the 20th Century refused to accept their oppressed role and instead, with Honorine Hermelin’s words, dared to appear as "culprits" (missdådare), but never allowing themselves to be found in the pitiful situation of “caught offenders” (ertappade förbrytare). The  act of exposing the floor of the former factory is also a way of re-activating a space of contestation, from where the narratives of the two letters unfold.

Special thanks to Molly, Sara, Charlie, Ezra, Marie, Herman, Markus, Zappa and Blanka!


left: detail of Memory of an Event II


below: doing the work Memory of an Event II


below: Photograph from the site later in the summer. The floor was “cleaned” only once and will eventually be covered with leaves, moss and grass yet again.


below: The site of the Water Factory (Vattenfabriken) before and after the intervention Memory of an Event II