Systerskapets år/A year of sisterhood

video stills from video with audio, 9 hours, archive consisting of more than 60 films between 03:00 and 30:00 min, in collaboration with Sonia Hedstrand, 2005

During a one-year period, between August 2003 and July 2004, Åsa Elzén and Sonia Hedstrand filmed feminist demonstrations, debates, art, direct actions and parties and interviewed various feminists in Stockholm. The project can be seen as an archive, a pool of knowledge, and a historical document of this particular era. To reconsider and possibly de-essentialize the notion of sisterhood as a strategy for political change and to provide a collective space for multiple subject positions and definitions of feminism due to ethnicity, sexuality, class, age and life experience is at stake in this work.

list of all films


below: installation view Ak28, Stockholm, 2005

Åsa Elzén