We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones

Performance 25 min, YES! Association/Föreningen JA!, 2010, 2013

As part of our participation in THE MODERNA EXHIBITION, YES! Association/Föreningen JA! made an intervention within Moderna Museet’s: ONE-DAY SEMINAR ON FEMINIST STRATEGIES AND METHODS, October 23, 2010 organized by Gertrud Sandqvist. Our work We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones was performed by Lea Robinson during the symposium in the afternoon, where Diana Mulinari, Lawen Mohtadi and Tiina Rosenberg also gave a lecture each. A video documentation of We Will Open a New Front – lecture by Lee H. Jones was available in YES! Association/Föreningen JA!’s digital archive – Sublime, said the association at THE MODERNA EXHIBITION, Moderna Museet, until January 9, 2011. A stack of posters (design: STUDIO SM) with the full lecture was placed by the archive, free for visitors to bring home.

May 29, 2012

Lee H. Jones delivered a speech over the phone at I am talking about something happening right here, right now with Lee H. Jones and YES! Association / Föreningen JA! 

at BODY OF WORK, a project by Lucie Fontaine at IASPIS, Stockholm.

During her Iaspis residency, Lucie Fontaine hosted a series of talks and exhibitions. The series of talks were based on the following topics: authorship, signature, creativity and labour.

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March 11, 2012,

Lee H. Jones contributed with Financial Statement  at the panel discussion BREAKING WITH HOMOGENEITY at OPEN FORUM, THE ARMORY SHOW, NYC, curated by Amanda Parmer.

Participants: Litia Perta, A.K. Burns, Lee H. Jones, Clark Solack, Hanna Wilde

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November 20, 2010

Vivi Nielsen performed as Lee H. Jones and gave a slightly modified version of We Will Open a New Front at the Second Congress of Free Artists, Aarhus Kunstbygning, Aarhus, Denmark, organized by the Camel Collective.

September 9,  2013, 9.30 pm (election day),

Kate Pendry  performed as Lee H. Jones and gave a slightly modified version of We Will Open a New Front  at the art festival Forrådt, Bergen, Norway, organized by KNIPSU, Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Gallery 3,14.

Lee H. Jones will turn up again.

Åsa Elzén





Forest Calling – A Never-ending Contaminated Collaboration

or Dancing is a Form of Forest Knowledge /

Skogen kallar – Ett oändligt kontaminerat samarbete eller

Dansandet är en form av skogskunskap

    – Extension #2 at The Experimental Field, Accelerator, SU

    – Extension #1 In Forest Intervals

Notes on a Fallow – The Fogelstad Group and Earth /

Träda – Fogelstadgruppen och jord

    – A Growing Fallow Archive / Ett växande träda-arkiv

    – Biography of a Fallow / En trädas biografi

    – Transcript of a Fallow / Avskrift av en Träda

    – Boy! / Pojken!

    – Fogelstad Fågelstad Fågelsta Fågelholk Fågelbo

    – The Other School / Den andra skolan

    – A Growing Archive on the Women’s Barn and Livestock

    School at Fogelstad / Ett växande arkiv över Kvinnliga

    Ladugårdsutbildningen vid Fogelstad

    – A Step to the Side / Ett steg åt sidan

    – A Growing Peace with the Earth Collection

    – Transcript of Transcripts: Elin – Bang /

    Avskrifter av avskrifter: Elin – Bang

    – Why do things when you could leave it? – An attempt,

    an in-between land / Varför gör man saker då man kunde

    låta bli? – Ett försök, ett gränsland

While I am trying to get to know Fredrika, I am always

thinking of you.

Memory of an Event

    – Memory of an Event I (Dear Honorine / Dearest Signe)

    – Memory of an Event II

History History

The Collaboration: MS and AL

Mary Wollstonecraft’s Scandinavian journey 1795 re-traced

    – The Glade I

    – The Glade II

    – Who Fooled Whom?

YES! Association/Föreningen JA!

    – A New Spelling of a Street – A tribute to Audre Lorde

    – All that you touch You Change. All that you Change

       Changes you.


    – (art)work(sport)work(sex)work

    – Zyklische Gesellschaftsreise


    – We Will Open a New Front/Lee H. Jones

    – (Dis)agreements?

    – When hell froze over

The guide and the seeing man

Project Description

I’ll be you if you’ll be me

A year of sisterhood

Getting Dressed

Bollywood Basketball


below: poster with the full speech, 59,5 x 83,5 cm, design: STUDIO SM

We wanted to create a fictional character, an organic intellectual who would embody all our political desires. We wanted to step out of our bodies and into the language where Lee H. Jones is impossible to classify and appears in various guises on various occasions. Lee is all of us, Lee is one, but Lee is never just anyone. Nobody owns Lee. Lee is both fiction and right there in reality.

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