The Glade I

Super-8 film and HD transfered to HD video, with audio, 13:00 min,


part of the project Mary Wollstonecraft’s Scandinavian journey

1795 re-traced

In the video a voice-over describes how Wollstonecraft engraved her name with a diamond on the glass windowpane of a small hut standing in a glade by Bogstad Estate outside Oslo. The hut was demolished in the 1850s and the only still existing image of the hut is engraved in glass, on the so called Bogstad Goblet from the 1760s. The glade still exists today and functions in the video as an empty stage where two different versions of the past are played out. Wollstonecraft and the hut are both operating as anachronisms in the stories that take place in different temporalities, but support diametrically opposing interests.


above and below: video stills

Åsa Elzén